Istriana bottle in the amphora's printIstriana bottle in the amphora's print

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Centuries of Istrian tradition in every drop

Istriana is cold-pressed premium extra virgin olive oil.
Its exceptional flavor comes from the fusion of oil-making tradition dating back to the Roman Empire, the unique microclimate in Istria, and the dedicated expertise of our team.

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Land cradled by the sea

Over 3000 olive trees are nurtured on our estate on the southern coast of Istria, Croatia. Olive oil production has been an integral part of Istrian tradition for over 2500 years, establishing our peninsula’s reputation for producing some of world’s finest oil.
Istriana is continuing that tradition.

Old olive oil mill
Pieces of red soil

Bottled for the ages

Olive growing in Istria flourished in the Roman period, with Istrian olive oil becoming one of the most prized oils throughout the Empire. For transportation, Romans used clay amphoras produced in south Istrian villages.

These vessels were created using the bright red Istrian soil, a clear indication to the Roman consumer of the authenticity and origin of the oil. In honor of that tradition, we incorporate that same red earth in which our trees are cultivated to pigment every bottle.

From soil to oil

Every step in creation of our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is critical.

From the microclimate and soil studies we carried out on all our estate land to the selection of each individual tree we planted, Istriana has controlled every step of the creation and cultivation of our groves. This is the only way to truly ensure the origins and integrity of establishing a certified organic farm, with a nod to the centuries-long practices of the Istrian olive oil tradition.

By personally curating every aspect of olive cultivation, harvest, and milling, the people who care for our trees as well as gather and sort our olives, maintain a singular focus to ensure the native olive flavor and the quality of the oil are preserved.

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