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Istriana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

People behind the Oil

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Creating a premium oil is a matter of admiring the fruit it comes from

Those who cultivate and protect this historic land maintain traditional techniques while applying modern technology to restore Istria's global prominence. The result is Istriana, premium extra virgin olive oil.

Our motivation is to provide you with an exclusive experience, with oil that complements the history and best modern practices. Each bottle contains a fragment of that history.

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Our mission

We are custodians of over 3000 organically grown olive trees we planted ourselves that includes native Istrian and regional varieties. We feel a great sense of pride in nurturing the centuries-old traditions of olive cultivation, continuing and expanding upon Istria’s most coveted legacy.

We created the Istriana brand to honor, protect and promote the oil making traditions that gave birth to the celebrated status Istrian olive oil enjoyed among the elites of the Roman Empire.

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Our vision

Our aim is to provide fine food lovers and those with refined tastes an authentic Istrian EVOO experience. Our trees are organically grown, our fruit is hand-picked and manually sorted, the oil is produced using modern technologies and our bottle design honors Istria's 2500-year tradition of olive cultivation. We want to provide top chefs, discerning consumers and families with an authentic and uniquely Istrian culinary experience. Istriana is premium organic extra virgin olive oil produced in limited quantities on estate land.

To emphasize the exclusivity of the brand and personal care with which we curate our oil, each bottle of Istriana is hand signed and numbered by the producer.

Our wish is to share the best of Istria with the rest of the world.

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From the Roman Empire to Croatia and the World

You can find more about the history of olive oil in Istria and Istriana here or discover about taste, culinary experiences, and recipes here.

Due to the limited quantity of oil produced, Istriana EVOO is bottled by hand. The coloring of each bottle contains actual red earth on which our trees are grown.

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Enrich your cuisine with Istriana Extra Virgin Olive Oil